Chists Explosive Power

The Explosive Power of Christ

God works in us when we least expect it, read this story of a great miracle and let me know who’s, story this really is!

John’s Story

John was a very sad and lonely young man in his 30’s, he’d had many, many trials, life troubles and tribulations of heart break and great loss.  For the past few years the loneliness and hard ways of the world had taken its toll on him.  He was very unsure how he would pick his life back up and get through it all.  He stood on the highest bridge he could find and gazed at the cold hard distant water 500 meters away, building up the courage to end all the pain for good!

Tom’s Story

This story is about Tom, a quiet man, a devout Christian, Tom was also in his 30’s, he’d been a Christian from the first day he could remember, he was however an introvert and went about his life quietly and his life was very different to John’s.  He had a wonderful family, they had however suffered some loss, but he was a man of God and by prayer and constant worship he had gotten through the trials of the world, he and his family were just getting back to a bit of normality.

Now one day Tom was walking down the street on his own, just minding his own business.  When suddenly he hears this voice, saying to him, “I want you to call out ‘Jesus Loves You”!

Tom was like what, he somehow knew this was Jesus speaking to him he had experienced it many times through prayer, but he couldn’t work out why he was being asked to call this out in the middle of the street and he was a very shy man.  He kept on walking and then heard it again “call out ‘Jesus Loves you now”.  Tom hesitated but felt so compelled to obey he called it out, just not too loud.  Then he heard it again, “call out ‘Jesus Loves you, louder”.  So, Tom does it again, feeling quite silly and looking around to see if anyone was about, he calls out louder this time ‘Jesus Loves you’.  He’s still walking along the street and he hears it again, so this time he really calls it out ‘Jesus Loves you’.  Of course, by now Tom is really worried about someone calling the police acting all weird in the street, so he hurries off home, not really knowing why he had to do this, he goes home and tells his wife.

A few weeks later Tom and his wife are in church and they have a guest speaker, which often happened, new people joining the church would get up in front of the whole church and tell their testimonial of how they came to Christ.

The man telling his story, was explaining how he was close to ending his life just a few weeks ago, he was explaining his story about how he was about to jump off this really high bridge just at the edge of town, when he heard this voice in the distance, calling out to him, he’d heard it say ‘Jesus Loves you’, it stopped him mid step, he was explaining how as he was about to end his life he heard a distant voice calling out to him, he was taken back and was looking around for someone, to see who was calling out, there was no one there, so he thought he had just imagined it, as he looked back at the water, ready to carry on with his end of life decision, he heard it again, now this time it was louder, he stopped what he was doing and realised someone was calling out him, still a little unsure, he waited with one foot on the railings, a few minutes went by and nothing, still contemplating death he refocused, then he heard it again, ‘Jesus Loves you’ this time so loud he jumped back to the footpath and stood there shaking with the feel of love and freedom and just fell to his knees, full of regret and surging with this explosive power, he had ran off down the road in a daze and found this church, he had walked in and found the pastor and just sat and prayed with him for hours, he knew Jesus hadn’t wanted him to die that day on the bridge and had sent him a message.

Tom was sat in the church in just absolute amazement, a week ago he had obeyed Jesus’ message and now he knew why!  TO save a life through Jesus Christ!

We don’t always get to see the result of our obedience to God, but if we do what he says wonderful things do happen!

Thank you, Lord for always thinking of all of us and by saving us from ourselves, You give us the freedom to choose what we do with our lives, but we always need your help with life decisions and we are truly thankful.  You are always there for us whenever we need You, it’s so truly amazing the things You do, and how You do it, we are eternally grateful Amen.