God’s Unbroken Promises

By Live Gods Words


The language, love, and virtues of God are all promises He has given to us forever!

How we live our lives through Him is our choice if we choose to make it, another promise given was our free will to choose.

God has so much good advice, how can we understand such a great and powerful God?

We can start by looking deep into our own lives by looking for the good God has put there and even through trials and tribulations in our lives, we still have God.  We are stronger for them and wiser, and that’s how He made us to be.

God is our rock and Jesus is our savior and through God’s Words, we can bring Christ alive through them.


Just Live God’s Words.

Live a beautiful life through Christ and your life will be abundantly blessed by God and His Supreme love for you will shine and attract others to walk their lives in Christ with you.  Let Christ’s explosive power work in you and praise God every day and watch your life blossom just by loving Him with all your heart and soul.

GOD Bless you.

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