12 Day – Devotional


Scripture is full of examples of where music is used to praise God and bring peace and joy to believers. Christ-honoring music also helps bring about transformation in you, and transformed people in the hands of God can transform society. In this 12-day devotional, The Overflow Devotional and ChristianMusicChallenge.com will help you learn more about God’s purpose for Christian music and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

Day 1 | with Mark Hill – Casting Crowns

Day 2 | with Chris Cleveland – Stars Go Dim

Day 3 | with Andrew Marcus

Day 4 | with Aaron Shust

Day 5 | with Chris August

Day 6 | with Mandisa

Day 7 | with B Reith

Day 8 |

Day 9 |

Day 10 |

Day 11 |

Day 12 |

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